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Knee Pain Relief is Possible

Schedule a free consultation today to see how we can help your knee pain.  

What Our Doctors Can Do For Chronic Knee Pain

In the past, if someone had pain related to a degenerative knee condition, doctors would either try and cover the pain with endless medications or prescribe knee replacement surgery, a procedure that can fail after a few years, leaving one just as helpless and in pain as they were before.

The problems are apparent.

Thankfully, at Bodyworks Wellness, we have trained and studied under the best and brightest. Learning about new, more permanent ways to treat chronic knee pain. Through the use of physical therapy, next-generation laser therapy, and other non-surgical or narcotic methods, we can treat your knee pain, both safely and effectively.

Imagine walking on a pair of knees that feel 30 years younger and are once again able to do the things you love -- fast and without surgery.

If you’re living with chronic knee pain and hope to avoid surgery, Bodyworks Wellness can help. Schedule a free consultation today to find out how we can help.


  • Developed by joint repair specialists

  • No unwanted side effects

  • Replaces surgery and pain medications in many cases

  • Relieves the most common cause of pain

  • Done in-office

  • Assists the body to heal itself

Regain Your Life!

The goal of our program is to get you back to the activities you enjoy most.


But, is this Program Right for You?

Our program works wonders for patients whose knee conditions fit a specific set of criteria. Our first step is always to do an in-office evaluation before admitting anyone into our treatment program. We will determine in advance if your knee(s) are likely to respond well and what results you are likely to see. This avoids disappointment and wasted time and money.

Start Your Journey Towards Knee Pain Relief
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We accept most insurances, including Medicare. Sorry, we do not accept Medicaid.


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