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Treatment for a Variety of Neck Issues that can also Cause Headache Issues, including:


Stiff Neck

Herniated cervical disc

Degenerative conditions, such as arthritis

Pain, throbbing, aching, or squeezing around head and neck

Nausea and vomiting

Sensitivity to light and sound

Vision changes (e.g. blurry vision or seeing an aura)


Need to sit or lie down

Missing out on daily activities due to pain

$47 Neck Pain and Headache Relief Special

- One-on-one consultation with a doctor


- Thorough examination to find the source of your pain.


- Expert recommendations for lasting relief of your headaches and neck pain.


For Only $47


($180 Value)

Call 561-424-6616 Or Fill Out The Form Below To Sign Up For Your $47 Headache & Neck Pain Special

We accept most insurance, including Medicare. Sorry, we do not accept Medicaid.


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100% Privacy Guaranteed. 

Bodyworks Wellness - Dr. Brian Rappaport

7410 Boynton Beach Blvd, Ste B5 Boynton Beach FL United States 33437

(561) 424-6616

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