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Your $32 New Patient Sciatica

Special Includes:


- A comprehensive consultation with the doctor

- A thorough examination to pinpoint the cause of your pain

- Expert treatment recommendations for lasting relief

Sciatica Symptoms Include:

  • Pain that radiates from the lower back to the buttocks and down the rear of the leg.

  • The pain may feel sharp, burning, aching, excruciating, or like a jolt.

  • May be worse when coughing, sneezing, or prolonged sitting.

  • Usually affects one side of the body.

  • May also experience tingling, numbness, or weakness.

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What's Causing My Sciatica?


Sciatica is often caused by a lower back problem, such as a herniated disc or a degenerative disc. We'll get to the root of what's causing your symptoms and design a treatment plan for your unique situation. Our goal is to get you out of pain and back to an active life.

Experience Matters


With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Rappaport has successfully treated thousands of cases of sciatica.  He treats this condition using the most advanced non-surgical techniques and technology available to help his patients get out of pain faster.

Boynton Beach office.  This new treatment is the same cutting edge treatment I used to fix my own herniated disc and sciatica and it saved me from having surgery. 

Every week I meet new patients who are frustrated with their pain and don’t want any more pain killers or shots.  A few will even confess to me that I’m their “last resort” before trying spine surgery. 

Here Is What Some Of Our Patients Have To Say:
Cheryl Stewart.jpg


Boca Raton

"I had pain in my back radiating down into my right leg for 6 months. The pain was bad. Every time I moved a sharp pain would shoot down my leg. I couldn’t sleep, or move with out pain. I tried PT, massage, pain pills and epidurals.  None of them offered any substantial help. After being treated by Dr. Rappaport, I now feel 100% better! My back is flexible again and I have no pain at all when I move. I am so grateful for these treatments and already sent 2 of my friends with sciatica for this treatment and both of them did better."

mark Durbin.jpg

Mark Durbin

Boca Raton

"I suffered with moderate to severe lower back and hip pain for over 7 months. After conventional methods of chiropractic and physical therapy gave me only very limited success, I decided it was time to investigate alternative methods of treatment. I decided to try Dr Rappaport's sciatica program. After just 5 treatments, I felt much better! Having now completed the whole program, I can honestly say that it was a huge success."

diane Nell.jpg

Diane Nell

Boynton Beach

"I originally had so much pain in my mid and lower back it was hard to sit or stand for long periods at a time. I had tried PT and several other things which didn’t help at all. After an MRI, my doctor said I had a bulging disc that would just get worse over time. Then I started Dr. Rappaport's disc program. After just a few treatments, I did notice the difference. The pain began to subside greatly. And now, I feel so much better! I can walk without pain and soon I will be running again."


Barbara Ackerman

Boynton Beach

"Before seeing Dr. Rappaport, I had horrible back pain! I had tried everything including 2 epidural injections that did not work. I was told back surgery was my only other choice. I know too many people that have a bad result from that. So, I did treatment at Dr. Rappaport's office for a herniated disc and spinal stenosis. The treatment didn't hurt at all and it has changed my life for the better! I can now walk, sit, and get up without any pain! I feel I have a new lease on life without excruciating pain anymore. I am so thankful for this wonderful therapy which I highly recommend to anyone who is in pain."


David Levinson

Delray Beach

"Over the past two years, I lived with constant lower back pain and sciatica. I couldn’t sleep at night. I couldn't play golf. I couldn't play with my grandkids.  I was driving myself and my wife crazy because of the pain.  I never saw surgery as an option because I know too many people that had surgery and were even worse afterwards.  I was referred to Dr. Rappaport by my pain management doctor.  After the initial consultation, I felt I had nothing to lose. After doing the treatment, I can do all the activities I once did, and can live my life without any pain. My only regret is that I suffered so long before trying this treatment."

Our Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment Succeeds Where Other Treatment Methods Fail

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