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Sciatica Pain Handled:

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What Can Be Done About Your Sciatica?

Sciatica... that annoying, tingling sensation or burning, shooting pain, in your lower back and legs is caused by a pinched nerve.

Left uncorrected, the pinched nerve will become more and more irritated, and the condition will get worse until you can hardly take it any more.

Correct the pinched nerves, and  your pain and discomfort will go away.  

And that's what we specialize in at Bodyworks Wellness -- eliminating the cause of your pain not just covering it up with drugs.

Why So Few Doctors Can Successfully Treat Sciatica

The latest studies show that just 1 in 10 doctors has the training needed to correct a pinched nerve. 

Most doctors would treat chronic sciatica pain with drugs or physical therapy and some recommend risky spinal surgery. There are much better options for you.

A doctor with the right expertise and enough experience, like our team, can safely and gently correct your pinched nerves and get rid of the worst of your back pain. For good. Without drugs or surgery. 

With years in practice and having treated countless cases of sciatica successfully, we can offer real help for your sciatica pain.

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