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Doctor Explains the "Missing Link" to Treating Shoulder Pain and Why Traditional Treatments Rarely Work.


By Dr. Brian Rappaport, D.C.
We know that many types of shoulder pain don’t get better on their own.  So, when traditional shoulder pain treatments fail us, we end up frustrated, hopeless and paralyzed by the fear of being stuck with the pain.

But, there's been a breakthrough.

It's a new type of regenerative therapy...


A treatment called Shockwave Enhanced Cellular Therapy and it's helping people with shoulder pain get back to the activities they enjoy and many say their shoulder feels young again.

In fact, multiple studies published by the National Institute of Health found that Shockwave treatment is an effective biostimulator of regenerative cells and could enhance the therapeutic potential of regenerative cells in the body -- both things that are key when treating shoulder pain.


The best part...

Now, there is a way you can try this amazing treatment virtually for free to see if it will work for you.

But first...

How does this new therapy work?

Traditional shoulder pain treatments use a “wait-and-see” approach that treats the symptoms (not the problem) and temporarily masks the pain.


Within a few weeks or months, the pain returns and for many people, the damage in their shoulder can get worse.


This cycle results in wasted time and money, disappointment, and frustration.


In comparison, Shockwave Enhanced Cellular Therapy focuses on treating the real problem by using “high energy acoustic waves” to enhance the healing power of regenerative cells.

Shockwave Enhanced Cellular Therapy is the missing link and what makes this treatment different than any other cellular therapy or regenerative medicine treatment you may have heard about.


So, does it work?


A study from the International Journal of Surgery found a high satisfaction rate with the patients who received Shockwave therapy and noted that a majority of those patients continued to have pain relief at their one-year follow-up.


The result is long-term relief and healing so you can get back to living life without any interference from shoulder pain.


Many people who have tried it say they feel years younger, with 96% saying they would recommend it to their family and friends.


But, because we know showing is better than telling, we’d like you to personally experience just how powerful Shockwave Enhanced Cellular Therapy really is.



For a limited time, we’re offering a Shockwave treatment as well as a shoulder examination and consultation for just $47 (normally valued at $259).

5 Reasons This Will Be The Most Important Doctor Appointment You've Had for Your Shoulder Pain:

✅ We will take the time to really listen to the details of your shoulder pain and answer all your questions about Shockwave Enhanced Cellular Therapy like, how does it work, will it work for me, and more.


✅ ​We’ll do a comprehensive shoulder evaluation to learn what kind of damage you have.  This will allow us to map out your plan to eliminate medications and avoid shoulder surgery.

✅ You’ll get a complete summary of the doctor’s evaluation so you can see the step-by-step approach with a goal to get long-term and lasting shoulder pain relief.

✅ In rare cases, some people are not candidates for Shockwave Enhanced Cellular Therapy. If that happens to be you, then we promise to tell you and recommend another treatment option, if possible.

✅ Best of all, you get to try a Shockwave treatment to see how it works for your shoulder pain and if it could help you reclaim your life and enjoy activities again.


This is a great chance to get real answers and see if Shockwave Enhanced Cellular Therapy will work for your shoulder pain.



Because drugs and therapy may not always work, we approach your shoulder pain with care and make sure our Shockwave Therapy is a fit before any recommendations are made.



This offer is meant to help people take the first step towards ending shoulder pain. The cost is discounted on a limited basis to provide a safe opportunity to get the answers you need.


*Offer Expires: Aug 28, 2022 


Call Dr. Rappaport's office at 561-424-6616 or 👇 click the link below to claim this offer for your Shockwave treatment.


What People Are Saying About Shockwave Enhanced Cellular Therapy:



Here is everything you should expect during your initial visit: 

✅ An in-depth consultation about your shoulder pain and case history.

✅ A complete functional shoulder evaluation.

✅ A thorough review of the Doctor’s findings to determine if our treatment can help.

✅ A Shockwave treatment so you can see if it works for you.

Get a Consultation, Shoulder Examination and a Shockwave Treatment for only $47.  This Way You Can See if this Treatment is Right for You.

(The regular price for everything listed is $259.)

Claim This Special By Calling 561-424-6616 Or Filling Out The Form Below.


(Limited appointments are available and this offer expires on May 8th, 2021.) 


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